NBC Universal Evolution Plan Photo 1

NBC Universal Evolution Plan

Over six years in the making, the NBC Universal Evolution Plan is a long-term master plan intended to guide development of the 391-acre Universal City property for a 25-year period. In creating the Evolution Plan, NBC Universal was challenged with the need to accommodate the continued growth and vitality of their existing studio, entertainment, hospitality, and retail businesses, while allowing for the creation of new business opportunities integrated with the existing facilities. The fact that Universal City is home to one of the oldest motion picture production facilities in Los Angeles – first used as a location for film production in 1912 – mandated that the historic significance of the Universal City property be evaluated as part of the planning process.

As historic resources consultant for the planning team, Historic Resources Group identified a historic district containing a distinctive collection of buildings and site features that represent Universal Studios’ development as one of the major motion picture studios of the 20th century. A comprehensive preservation plan was developed to provide appropriate guidance for the rehabilitation of historic buildings, structures, and sites within the historic district; and establish basic criteria for new construction within the historic district in order to maintain its historic character. HRG also provided environmental review of the Evolution Plan in compliance with CEQA.

The NBC Universal Evolution Plan was approved in February of 2013. HRG continues to work with NBC Universal as the Evolution Plan is implemented.

Above: Photos courtesy of NBC Universal Archives & Collections.